“Indian Ink – a Stellar Example of Student Empowerment”

Venice High School

  • Empower students for the 21st century workplace with student-based enterprises
  • Discover innovative ways to apply what students learn in the classroom to the real world
  • Teach students to create, collaborate & share ideas with VariQuest

In January, 2015 Venice High School in Venice, Florida, entered the Follett Challenge which “showcases and rewards educators who are aligning their curriculum and approach in order to teach the skills needed in the 21st century, and who are implementing a collaborative program with others in their school.”

Their in-school graphic design class and student-run business, Indian Ink is a stellar example of a student-empowering program that readies students for the 21st century workplace and culture using VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools.

Of the program that mainly utilizes the VariQuest Perfecta™ 2400 Full Color Poster Design System, Design Center 2300 and software, and the Cold Laminator 2510, Principal Turgeon of Venice High School has said, “The potential is unlimited.” He further states:

“Our students have really embraced it, the entrepreneurial skills, the opportunity to understand what it means to run a business and starting here at school and will soon branch out into the community which I think will be just a tremendous opportunity for our students, our staff, and the community. We’re very very excited about Indian Ink and where it’s going to go for our school.”

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this program is the ownership the students take of the business. Not often do students carry titles like Systems Manager, CFO, CEO, and Marketing Manager while in high school. It is clear that Ms. Zubyk, Digital Design Teacher has created an atmosphere and culture of student empowerment and confidence. She states,

“I’m always looking for innovative ways to take what students are learning in the classroom into the real world, and so this year [2015] I decided to start Indian Ink.”

Watch Indian Ink’s homegrown video and see for yourself how the student-based enterprise is changing the lives of their students.

Here are a few quotes from the students that demonstrate the valuable skills they are learning:

  • “One of the best things I’ve walked away with…is being able to collaborate, share ideas, and make clients happy with the posters we can provide.” -Ryan, Graphic Designer
  • “My job here is to run the invoices, sales reports, and basically run the day-to-day operations for the business.” –Robert, CFO
  • “Within Indian Ink I’m learning about the best practices for maintaining and managing my future graphic design business” –Noah, CEO

Simply put by Mr. Burn- Assistant Principal, “Indian Ink provides a great opportunity for students to learn how to run and manage a business.”

Congratulations students of Indian Ink, VariQuest wishes you a bright and successful future!