Distance/Hybrid Learning

Captivate Students at Home, at School, and Anywhere in Between

Whether in response to a global pandemic or a simple, mid-winter snow day, modern classrooms must be able to adapt to the distance and hybrid learning needs made possible through technology. From virtual lessons and meetings to take-home manipulatives and activities, there are many effective and creative ways to support student engagement and achievement at home, at school, and anywhere in between.

VariQuest provides educators with a robust content library capable of helping meet the needs of today’s ever-evolving classrooms. With math toolkits, virtual meeting supports, game board templates, and more, our passionate team with a deep understanding of today’s learning space has taken time to assemble one-of-a-kind materials designed to elevate learning experiences whether in person or across town. The distance and hybrid learning environment is one we’ve all had to adapt to – and VariQuest is dedicated to making sure your lesson plans and your student development never miss a step.

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Here is just a small sampling of what you can expect from our educational content for distance/hybrid learning. Request a sample kit today to see for yourself!

Distance/Hybrid Learning

With distractions abound and parents often struggling to assist during distance learning, take-home activities are a strategy worth employing to foster engagement in a learning environment we’ve all had to adapt to. Take a look at these printed materials from the VariQuest Resource Center designed to help students thrive in remote and hybrid settings.

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