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Cold Laminators

Preserve and Protect in a Matter of Seconds

The VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 cold lamination machine helps schools and districts save time, space, and resources while preserving materials for use from one year to the next. With no heat or electricity required, our wide format roll cold laminator is easy-to-use and energy-efficient to ensure your posters, banners, and bulletin board cutouts receive long-term protection in a matter of seconds.


Cold Laminators

VariQuest Product Cold Laminator

Cold Laminator 2510

Create more durable, longer-lasting educational materials in seconds with the Cold Laminator 2510 cold lamination machine. With no heat, fumes, or electricity required, the Cold Laminator promotes safe and easy use for both educators and students of all grade levels. Save time and space with easy paper loading and output hooks that automatically roll laminated posters and banners up to 25 inches wide.

After creating one-of-a-kind materials with the rest of the VariQuest Learning Suite, it’s time to turn to the Cold Laminator 2510 to ensure their continued use and effectiveness year after year.

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The possibilities are truly endless with the Cold Laminator 2510 and the VariQuest Learning Suite. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from mind-maps and graphic organizers to event promotion signage and beyond.

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VariQuest output cutout maker
VariQuest product output cold laminator
VariQuest product output cold laminator
VariQuest product output cold laminator
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Student using VariQuest cold laminator output
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Get the most from the Cold Laminator 2510


  • Protecting and preserving posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives, and more for continued use year after year
  • Laminating safely without heat and fumes
  • Creating laminated posters to use with dry erase markers in small group activities
  • Laminating construction paper before creating cutouts, eliminating the need to cut them twice


  • No need to warm up or cool down with no heat or electricity required for added safety
  • More durable, longer-lasting materials in seconds
  • Automatic rolling of laminated posters and banners thanks to output hooks
  • Seamless compatibility with the rest of the VariQuest Learning Suite
  • User-friendly for both educators and students
  • Hands-on support and guidance from our experienced, dedicated team

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