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The VariQuest Design Center 2300 and its pre-loaded VariQuest Software is the central hub of the entire VariQuest Learning Suite, helping both teachers and students quickly and easily create custom, captivating visuals for their school or classroom. Touchscreen-enabled and complete with thousands of templates, graphics, fonts, and cutouts in our Engage Every Learner® Content collections, it works seamlessly with the rest of our cohesive EdTech ecosystem, giving you everything you need to begin increasing engagement and fostering achievement right out of the box.


Design Center 2300 & Software

VariQuest Design Center

Design Center 2300 & Software

The VariQuest Design Center 2300 and Software represents the cornerstone of the VariQuest Learning Suite. Driven by its minimal footprint, ease of use, and custom capabilities, this pairing empowers educators to bring their classrooms to life without dedicating hours and hours toward content sourcing and creation. The workstation requires minimal setup and training and comes pre-loaded with all the necessary utilities and drivers, so it’s ready to perform in a matter of minutes—without tying up your IT resources. From creating posters, banners and bulletin boards to awards and flashcards, the Design Center 2300 comes fully equipped with our Engage Every Learner Content containing over 22,000 customizable and curriculum-enriching templates, graphics, cutouts, and fonts to help you focus on classroom engagement and differentiated instruction.

It’s the engine that makes the VariQuest Learning Suite go, and is ready to provide you with everything you need to make the most of today’s media-rich educational landscape.

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Explore the Possibilities

The possibilities are truly endless with the Design Center 2300 and Software. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from mind-maps and graphic organizers to event promotion signage and beyond.

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Award Maker Product Output
Motiva Product Output
Cutout Maker Product Output
Motiva Product Output
Example of students work with VariQuest Products

Get the most from the Design Center 2300


  • Differentiating instruction with detailed infographics and anchor charts
  • Promoting district-wide initiatives through engaging posters and bulletin board displays
  • Boosting school pride and fostering community with spirited event posters and banners
  • Monitoring student progress with development charts
  • Promoting project-based learning by creating products for student-based enterprises
  • Reinforcing academic achievement and student behavior with custom award certificates
  • Emphasizing vocabulary development and story comprehension with cause-and-effect trees
  • Communicating safety guidelines with informational notices


  • Easy-to-use workstation requiring minimal setup, space, and training
  • Seamless compatibility with the rest of the VariQuest Learning Suite
  • Touchscreen-enabled and pre-loaded with the latest VariQuest software, utilities, and drivers
  • User-friendly for both educators and students
  • Full access to our VariQuest Design Center Software and Engage Every Learner® Content containing over 22,000 templates, graphics, and fonts for all ages and learning styles
  • Time and resource savings associated with creation of handmade or outsourced materials
  • Hands-on support and guidance from our experienced, dedicated team

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