VariQuest Die-Cut Machine

Digital Die-Cut Machines

Time and Cost Savings with Added Versatility

The VariQuest® Cutout Maker 1800 Digital Die-Cut Machine is designed specifically for schools to help teachers and students automatically cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes, and more with ease. With versatility to cut a wide range of materials and a design safe enough for students to operate, the Cutout Maker 1800 delivers both time and cost savings for schools and districts across the country.


Cutout Maker 1800

VariQuest Die-Cut Machine

Cutout Maker 1800

A revolutionary, electronic die cut machine for schools and teachers, the Cutout Maker 1800 will help you bring lessons to life with automatically-cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections. It is the best die cut machine for schools.

We’re dedicated to curriculum-based content aligned to best practices. Free access to the VariQuest Resource Center is included with every Cutout Maker 1800, providing curriculum-based content, lessons and activities aligned to best practices and standards in today’s classrooms. To enhance your classroom activities even more, access additional content options with a Premium Access CD (PACD).

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Explore the Possibilities

The possibilities are truly endless with the Cutout Maker 1800 and the VariQuest Learning Suite. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from manipulatives and bulletin board displays to word walls and beyond.

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VariQuest cutout maker eagle
VariQuest cutout maker output pathway to success
VariQuest outout maker output fruit basket
Student using VariQuest output lacing cards
VariQuest Cutout maker output water cycle
VariQuest cutout maker output ocean sensory path
VariQuest cutout maker trophy
VariQuest product output pie
VariQuest cutout maker output clock
VariQuest cutout maker output sign language
VariQuest cutout maker output energy pyramid
VariQuest cutout maker rock ship

Get the most from the Cutout Maker 1800


  • Quickly and easily creating manipulatives, cutouts, and bulletin board displays for a hands-on, interactive learning experience
  • Illustrating complex concepts with engaging cutout collections to promote student success
  • Creating word walls with words formed by automatically connected letters
  • Saving money with the versatility and scalability of electronic die-cuts
  • Eliminating the need to re-cut laminated cutouts by electronically cutting laminated paper into your desired shapes
  • Creating vinyl and magnetic cutouts for floor markers, sensory paths, whiteboard manipulatives, school spirit sales, and more


  • Simplification of complex concepts with colorful and visually stimulating bulletin board displays
  • Scalable output ranging in size from 1-18 inches
  • Versatility to cut construction paper, magnet material, vinyl sheets, cardstock, laminated paper, and more
  • Seamless compatibility with the rest of the VariQuest Learning Suite
  • User-friendly for both educators and students
  • Full access to our VariQuest Design Center Software and Engage Every Learner® Content containing over 22,000 templates, graphics, and fonts for all grade levels and learning styles
  • Time and space-savings on lesson prep by eliminating the need to hand-cut or use a manual die-cut machine
  • Hands-on support and guidance from our experienced, dedicated team

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