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Create full-color customized award plaques, flashcards, study aids, and more with the Motiva® 400 – our small-format specialty printing system.


Motiva® 400

VariQuest Motiva

Motiva® 400

The Motiva® 400 on-the-spot recognition and fundraising tool comes with more than 700 pre-made and customizable award and sticker templates to choose from in the VariQuest Design Center’s Engage Every Learner® Content, along with the ability to design and print your own recognition materials from scratch. With a durable ink output resistant to smudging, scratching, fading, and water, you can be sure your full-color, personalized plaques, study aids, bumper stickers, and more are vibrant and motivating for months after printing.

Whether you’re looking to recognize student accomplishments, promote academic progress, or build school spirit for students of all grade levels, the Motiva 400 is ready to lead the charge – easily and affordably.

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The possibilities are truly endless with the Motiva® 400 and the VariQuest Learning Suite. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from awards and stickers to response cards and beyond.

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VariQuest Motiva output Brain Exercise Cards
VariQuest output STEM award
VariQuest output punch card
Students interacting with teacher using VariQuest output
VariQuest output genre cards
VariQuest motiva output printed poster
VariQuest motiva early education calendar output
VariQuest motiva output academic award
VariQuest motiva output basketball poster
VariQuest motiva output schedule cards
VariQuest output cards

Get the most from the Motiva® 400


  • Recognizing student accomplishments, promoting academic progress, and building self-confidence with motivating, full-color custom awards and stickers
  • Encouraging active learning and increasing engagement with on-the-spot recognition
  • Motivating students for success by recognizing positive behavior and attendance
  • Helping students retain key lessons with customized flashcards and study aids
  • Applying real-world business skills and enhancing fundraising programs by developing, marketing, and selling customized window decals, bumper stickers, and award plaques
  • Creating customized informational and professional stickers for your classroom and school facilities


  • Increased recognition and promotion of achievement in the learning community
  • Time and cost-savings compared to outsourcing awards materials
  • Ability to easily import name and number lists for streamlined creation of awards, parking permits, and more
  • Durable ink output resistant to smudging, scratching, fading, and water
  • Simplified inventory management with only one ink cartridge required
  • Seamless compatibility with the rest of the VariQuest Learning Suite
  • User-friendly for both educators and students
  • Full access to our VariQuest Design Center Software and Engage Every Learner® Content containing over 22,000 templates, graphics, fonts, and more
  • Lightweight portability for use in multiple classrooms throughout the day
  • Hands-on support and guidance from our experienced, dedicated team

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