Awards Maker 400

Retired Product

While we no longer offer this visual learning tool, we still provide supplies and technical resources to the many schools and districts that leverage it.

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The now-retired VariQuest Awards Maker 400 Specialty Printing System is the predecessor to the VariQuest Motiva® 400 and serves as an on-the-spot recognition and fundraising tool for schools and districts throughout the U.S.

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VariQuest Motiva

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Looking to upgrade to a more advanced and capable specialty printer for your school? The Motiva 400 provides an even easier and more affordable way to promote student progress and achievement with help from our Design Center 2300 workstation and software. Get yours today to start unleashing endless possibilities for recognizing student accomplishment, building self-confidence, encouraging active learning and engagement, and more.

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Even in retirement, the possibilities are truly endless with the Awards Maker. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from plaques and flashcards to study aids and beyond.

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VariQuest awards maker output - math award
VariQuest awards maker output flash card
VariQuest awards maker output honor students
VariQuest awards maker output school spirit

Get the most from the Awards Maker


  • Recognizing student accomplishments, promoting academic progress, and building self-confidence with motivating, full-color custom awards and stickers
  • Encouraging active learning and increasing engagement with on-the-spot recognition
  • Motivating students for success by recognizing positive behavior and attendance
  • Helping students retain key lessons with customized flashcards and study aids


  • Increased recognition and promotion of achievement in the learning community
  • Durable ink output resistant to smudging, scratching, fading, and water
  • User-friendly for both educators and students
  • Lightweight portability for use in multiple classrooms throughout the day

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